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Archaeological and historical interest

Interesting spots nearby

Sesklo (14 km. From the city of Volos)

A large ancient settlement of the Neolithic era (6800 p.Ch- 4,400 BC).

Dimini 5 km. From the city of Volos

It dates from the end of the 5th millennium BC until the late 13th century. B.C. and coincides with Mycenaean Iolkos.

Pefkakia (3 km. From the city of Volos)

It was a  Mycenaean settlement,  the port of Iolkos, where Argo was built and launched for the long journey

Ancient Theatre of Demetrias (2.5 km. From the city of Volos)

Preserved ancient theater built in 294 BC and recently hosted major ancient drama

The Archaeological Museum of Volos

It is one of the oldest museums in the country with unique exhibits and built with funds of  Alexios ATHANASAKIS.

The train of Pelion

The closest railway line in Greece and one of the closest in the world. It was  constructed by Evaristo de Chirico, father of the famous surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico, who captured the figure of the little train in almost all of his paintings.